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MasterSoft develops and hosts the new Soliday Webshop.

The new MasterServer web hosting portal is online!

We did port our webserver infrastructure to the Level 3 datacenter Belin- Tempelhof!

Because of the relocation of our server ifnrastructure to the Level 3 datacenter Berlin Tempelhof we are capable of offering thigh performance solutions for fair prces.

The following table briefly summarizes the technical infrastructur.

Component Property
RAM 6-16 GB
CPU Intel Xeon-Quadcore
Connection 9,6 GBit/s Level 3
Backup automatic

Professional personal will ensure that your servers are always online.

The Level 3 broadband internet connection of the datacenter guarantee the maximum of performance for your successful web precence. The network has mutiple connections to different independent providers (Telekom,AOL,Freenet usw.) through direct peer connections to minimize the was for your data.

The servers are located within a fully airconditioned datacenter which is regulated to 21 C° Celsius roomtemperature in order to provide the ideal environment for the server infrastructure. The complete systems is additionally inspected by prefessional administrators in order to minimize errors.

The full automatic fire-extinguishing system and the multiple redundant power supply of the datacenter are some additional highlights of our server infrastructure.

Trust our the high performance server hardware and reduce your fixed costs through outsourcing your webserver with the help of our products.


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