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MasterSoft develops and hosts the new Soliday Webshop.

The new MasterServer web hosting portal is online!

We did port our webserver infrastructure to the Level 3 datacenter Belin- Tempelhof!

on these pages you can find the web hosting products of MasterSoft Software Solutions Ltd.

Hosting packages

  • Packet 100 MB Webspace for only 6,50 € per month
  • Packet 200 MBWebspace for only 8,50 € per month
  • Packet 300 MBWebspace for only 10 € per month
  • Packet 500 MBWebspace for only 13,50 € per month
  • Packet 1 GB Webspace for only19,50 € per month
  • Packet >1 GB by arrangement

All packets are including:

  • 1 MySql Database
  • 3 Mail addresses
  • 1 FTP Account
  • 10 times the traffic of your packet size
    • Packet 100 MB --> 1 GB Traffic per month
    • Packet 200 MB --> 2 GB Traffic per month
    • Packet 300 MB --> 3 GB Traffic per month
    • Packet 500 MB --> 5 GB Traffic per month
    • Packet 1 GB --> 10 GB Traffic per month
  • Virusfilter
  • Spamfilter
  • SSH
  • Click once installation (Typo, Joomla, phpbb etc...)
  • Password protected pages
  • PHP 4 & 5
  • Confixx Web- Interface.
  • CGI-BIN for custom scripts (Perl, C, Python, Ruby on Rails)
  • SSI (ServerSideIncludes)
  • Security of your data by backups on a second hard disk
  • Online- access statistics (AWStats,Webalizer)
  • Level 3 broadband internet connection

Each additional MySql database may be purchased for 4 €.

Additional services:

MasterSoft Software Solutions Ltd. provides the additional service of domain hosting on one of our domain name servers. A domain entry on one of the servers of MasterSoft Software Solutions Ltd. includes 3 Sublevel- domains. For this service MasterSoft Software Solutions Ltd. charges 2,50 € per month. For each additional domain or for each change in an existing sublevel domain entry MasterSoft charges 1 €.

Note: These prices do not contain the registration at NIC or any top level provider.

For our products in the field of domain name services visit the DNS-Hosting page.

The prices for our web hosting services are for information only and without responsibility of any kind. Prices do not include taxes.


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